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IMS Bearing Repair

IMS Bearing Solutions

Is your Porsche at Risk for IMS Bearing Failure?

The IMS bearing for these engines underwent multiple design revisions from 1999 – ’06, including both single- and dual-row bearing designs, without ever adequately resolving the issue. Eventually, the M96 and M97 engines were replaced by the “9A1″ engine, the first 911-bound engine to completely dispense with the intermediate shaft system altogether in favor of a system that drives the camshafts directly off the crankshaft. If you bought a 911 from the 2009 model year or later which has the newer 9A1 engine, you are in good shape. The issues can come if you own a 911 with an M96 or M97 engine and how to prevent IMS bearing failure.
LN Engineering IMS Solution

We can prevent or avoid Porsche IMS Bearing Failure

At Morris Brothers, we can help with a solution. LN Engineering is the largest and most reputable name in the manufacture of Porsche IMS bearing replacement upgrades and they are Morris Brothers exclusive source for the hundreds of IMS bearing upgrades and replacements that we have performed and continue to perform regularly in the form of the “LN IMS bearing retrofit” upgrade. This process from design, materials, engineering, and serviceability of the LN IMS Retrofit upgrade virtually eliminates the risk of IMS bearing failure and the consequent hefty repair costs that can come from an IMS bearing failure.
If you suspect that the IMS Bearing has failed in your Porsche, or would like further info, give Morris Brothers a call at 385-474-6383 , or schedule an appointment online.
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