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2005 Lexus SC430


Beautifully well kept 2005 Lexus SC430 for sale! Spending the previous part of its life in the arid state of Arizona it was recently brought to here Utah in nearly pristine condition.

Checkout the walkaround

and test drive video here!

Lexus Walkaround Test Drive Thumbnail

Sitting at just above 80,000 miles this car is just beginning its life. From the cupholders to the aluminum convertible hardtop everything is fully functional and shows virtually no signs of wear.

- 88739 miles
- Millennium Silver Metallic
- Retractable aluminum hardtop - fully open in 25 seconds!
- 4.3 liter 3UZ-FE variable valve timing V8 engine, 300 HP
- 5-speed automatic transmission 
- Rear wheel drive 
- Traction control, Stability control
- Leather interior with wood trim
- Premium sound system with bluetooth and navigation
- Dual zone climate control system

- 2 sets of wheels and tires

- New Blizzak Winter tires currently mounted.

Boasting 300 horsepower from its 4.3 liter V8 "3UZ" engine derived from Toyota, it has more than enough power for daily use and the incredible reliability that Toyota is famous for. The automatic transmission shifts smoothly and quickly for a luxurious experience. It currently is running a set of brand new snow tires mounted on a set of stock Lexus wheels but will also come with a second set of stock chrome wheels with summer tires.

This Japanese luxury coupe is sure to deliver one of the most comfortable and luxurious driving experiences without breaking the bank.

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