Meticulous mechanical restoration and service.

We can make your very old Porsche collectible look like it’s brand new. We can rebuild (and even do stock-looking upgrades) to the gearbox, engine, and all the moving parts. Gain some performance while keeping the classic Porsche stock look.

Skilled and Trustworthy Craftsmen

The Morris Brothers have a long history of servicing Porsche 356 classics, even before they became some of the most collectible automobiles. We know the cars inside and out and that’s why Porsche owners from areas near and far send their babies to our shop.

Extremely Competent and Reliable

The Morris Brothers will keep you up-to-date and informed on your classic automobile. We are not the black holes that many classic car shops seem to be, where you never know whether work is being done or not. We keep the process transparent and do it with integrity.