Chad and his brother Jack spent countless hours repairing cars together in college at the University of Washington in the garage of their rented house. The brothers’ dream to open a shop together never faded, and in 2014 Chad convinced Jack and his family, and later Jaime and his wife, to move to Salt Lake City open Morris Brothers Motorsports.

12719354_1683608771911700_6970883438159383703_oChad never lost his enthusiasm for cars, especially German cars. The seeds of passion for German cars were planted as a small kid living near the Porsche factory in Stuttgart. He remembers going to junk yards in Germany with Jack searching for rare car parts. Chad has spent practically his whole life working on and driving old German cars. Chad’s interests and tastes are bit unconventional, and he believes in following his own road.

After graduating from college, Chad had a successful career in corporate information technology managing teams in banking operations, data center infrastructure, and customer service for global banking services companies here in Utah. Chad loves the challenge of mastering something new, and is bringing his perfectionism and attention to detail to the business.

Chad has five grown children, all of whom have all driven vintage German cars growing up. His beautiful wife, Tami teaches Spanish at University of Utah. Chad loves adventure and has a wanderlust he has never been able to quench. Chad’s perfect Saturday: mountain biking, scuba diving, hiking, cycling, all in the same day.

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