Jack has his roots in Germany, literally. His family, including his brother Chad, lived near the Porsche factory in Stuttgart and that atmosphere fueled his passion. As a kid he was obsessed with cars. He would buy car magazines and read them till the edges were tattered. He bought his first ’64 VW beetle, which broke down in Italy, where Jack ended up spending his two week vacation in the parking lot of a truck repair shop fixing the beetle. After several nights sleeping in the car, he remembers the friendly shop owner surprising him with pastries and coffee. He began his training in Germany from an early age.

Twenty-five years ago, Jack went to work at the original Wolfsburg Warehouse in Ballard/Seattle (the internationally known vintage Volkswagen parts supplier) and set up a repair shop in the back. This shop eventually became Wolfsberg Motorwerks. Jack’s shop quickly gained a reputation for excellence with air-cooled engines. There are currently only a handful of people in the US that have Jack’s skill level and knowledge with vintage Porsche engines and drivetrains.

Jack closed his shop in Seattle in 2014, and moved to Salt Lake City to raise his kids here, be near his brother Chad, and so his wife could join a PhD program at the University of Utah. Jack and Jaime have been friends since 1991, when they worked together for several years at the largest BMW dealer in the Pacific NW.

11008638_1122594531100367_1811180919142296511_nJack is a humble guy who absolutely loves spending time with his family. He has two young children and a lovely wife Rachael, who is working on her PhD in Physics. Jack lives and breathes cars and is like an encyclopedia of car knowledge. Not just German cars, but any make, model or year. He is also a model train enthusiast. Jack’s favorite Saturday: in the shop with his six-year-old son teaching him about engines.

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